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This 30-Day journal by Phyllis D. Braxton will take you on a soul journey through the unfortunate, unexpected, but yet inevitable challenges most people will face in life. 

You will be inspired to keep moving forward despite having the desire (and the right) to give up. Phyllis teaches daily wisdom guides that empower you to transform any messy situation into a springboard for positive personal growth and success.

This journal is highly interactive and will require the reader to stop after each entry, reflect on their unique situation, and then take immediate action toward your desired goal.

If you're truly ready for breakthrough in your life, then this is the journal for you.


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We did an awesome job of showcasing the good in our marriage. We had some great days but there were many days that were dark and ugly. We posted the perfect pictures on social media, but they didn’t tell the full story.

When is enough, enough?

There were so many humiliating moments. Should we have thrown in the towel and called it quits? We did seek counseling and were advised to file for divorce…

This book is for anyone who thinks that marriage is a fairytale. We want to help young couples considering marriage. We want to help all couples to avoid the pitfalls that caused us grief. Even if they fall in the same pitfalls as us; learn from our examples to maneuver out of the madness. 

We are no way a perfect marriage. But we are committed to fight & continue to grow as imperfect people who love each other. Marriage is sacred! We’ve learned to value each other and pray.  If couples can learn the art of dance early in their marriage they will experience love, bliss, and a lifetime of happiness.


Phyllis D. Braxton

Mother, wife, author, artist, interculturalist, and a World-renown Miraval Thought Leader bridging theory and practice in the DEI and self-care space. 

Phyllis has over 25 years of international touchpoints with tens of thousands of people with experience in trauma-informed diversity, equity and inclusion training and facilitation, leadership coaching, conflict communication, intercultural competence, organizational development, and former clinical therapist.
"The questions in this journal helped me think about how I can easily change my perspective. For example, the chapter "MAKING MISTAKES IS AN INDICATION THAT YOU ARE STRIVING TOWARDS A GOAL" helped me rethink how I can look at the mistakes I have made as helping me towards reaching my goal rather than another setback. I have tried many times in the past to rethink how I look at my mistakes but have not been able to really make any progress until reading this book. I highly recommend this gem of a book!"
Jodi Bimberg, Story Strategist | LifeMaven

"Phyllis has this ability to reach right off the pages and talk to me. Her words are insightful and powerful. I am left with a call to action, producing results."
Carin Mikos, RN, EOLS | The Quietus House LLC

"I wish I'd had this journal when I became a school leader 30 years ago! The leadership mantle can be difficult for women to comfortably wear while maintaining their own sense of self and strength. These reflective questions can help center a new leader or one trying to keep her momentum mid-career or someone like myself redefining goals in retirement. This journal and your answers can help solidify your style and strengths as you move forward in your personal or professional goals."
Jean Jordan

"Phyllis writes a great tool for actualizing one's dreams and loving the process. I am recommending this book to my clients."
Jeffrey Levine, Chief Strategist | Dr. Get in Focus

"Phyllis' book emulates all that she is—her purpose! I couldn't put the manuscript down. Get ready for a spiritual experience that is destined to help you become the person you want to be. 'So, stop keeping your dreams to yourself. Shout them with conviction, and let your deeds mirror your thoughts. Trust and believe me, others who admire you are watching. They are also waiting for you to invite them into your dream. Without others, our dreams are just unanswered aspirations. You need others to move your dream to reality.' Simply put—OUTSTANDING!"
Stacie Stanley, Superintendent | Edina Public Schools

"This book had me at week one! 'Do you want to be right or be effective?' Having had the opportunity to be in the space of learning and reflection with Phyllis, I will never forget the day she said these words to me. Seems simple right? This book is a gift of insight that everyone needs to reflect on how their actions are impacting their lives, relationships, and effectiveness in achieving their goals."
Janet Gracia, Chief Culture Officer
Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys

"Be Right or Be Effective, is a great journal guide to help me get to new levels in many areas of my life. Phyllis Braxton gives of herself in a highly vulnerable space, which teaches humility is a huge step towards fulfilling dreams. The 'Wisdom Guides' along with the '5 A's' for each week are great motivation to get up, get started, and get moving in my purpose. Thank you, Phyllis."
Kerri Lewis, Associate Pastor | Faith Tabernacle Gospel Fellowship International

"Beautiful, wise, inviting. This book is a fantastic look at the complex relationship we each have with success and imposter syndrome. Phyllis shares wisdom guides she has developed on these subjects and offers a wonderful peek at some tools we can use to step into our full self."
Jon-Luke West, Director of Engineering | HomeSeer





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